Letter from the mayor of Perth, March 2015.

40th Anniversary of Kiwanis Perth

March 2015: On the 40th Anniversary of Kiwanis Perth, Mayor John Fenik declares April 18, 2015 as Kiwanis Day in Perth, Ontario.
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Letter from the mayor of Perth, July 2011.

Letter from the Mayor of Perth

The Mayor of Perth, John Fenik, thanks us for our involvement in the 2011 Canada Day events at the Conlon Farm.
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Gracias from Algonquin College.

Gracias from Algonquin College

Gracais from Algonquin College.
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30th anniversary of Kiwanis Perth, March 2005.

30th Anniversary of Kiwanis Perth

Governor Dr. John Button, the board of trustess and member of Kiwanis of Eastern Canada and the Caribbean Distict award to Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay on their 30th anniversary. Click on the letter to enlarge.

10th anniversary congratulations letter from the Premier of Ontario.

Letter from the Premier of Ontario

David Peterson, the Premier of Ontario commends the members of Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay for their work in the community on their 10th anniversary of their charter.
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