The History of The Kiwanis Club of Perth-on-Tay

Our Kiwanis Club began operations in the town of Perth with the 1974-75 year. Our first president was Joseph Rawson, a retired educator, very active in Perth life.

Memebership in the early years was restricted to males, mostly local businessmen of the area. In 1987, by action of the Kiwanis International Convention, the rules were changed to admit women to the organization.

Our membership has varied over the years and currently numbers between 40 and 45 members, both male and female.

We have turned our energies to many projects since 1975, but always with the objective of benefiting the children in Perth, Lanark County and the surrounding region.

We are proud to be counted among the worldwide network of more than 8,000 Kiwanis clubs and other service related organizations devoted to: serving the children of the world.

Terrific Kids

- In 1997, Terrific Kids became a Kiwanis International program designed to encourage children to cultivate good character. A team of our members visits no less than 14 schools in the Perth area once a month to present a certificate of merit to a student in each grade who has been identified by the teacher as being:
Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Influential, Friendly, Impeccable and Caring.
•• T • E • R • R • I • F • I • C"

In addition to the certificates, the students receive a bumper sticker for the family car that says "I've Got a Terrific Kid". We're proud to be part of this program and we receive a lot of warmth from the children in return.

Kiwanis Kids' Days - On Canada Day, July 1st, our club provides a fun program at Conlon Farm. We organize and supervise bicycle decorating contests, kite flying, sack races, 3-legged races, wheelbarrow races and an egg toss, at five different age levels, with prizes awarded in all categories and at no cost to parents or kids. At the annual Perth Fair, on Labor Day weekend, we host a children's activity area where the kids do face painting, simple craft work and just have fun. It's our pleasure to show the folks in our part of the world that Kiwanis truly cares for children.

Other Projects

Bursaries have been presented by our club to graduating high school students in Perth since 1993. We provide two $500.00 bursaries to both the Perth & District Collegiate Institute and the St. John Catholic High School, which are awarded to students who have a solid work ethic and demonstrate personal attributes in tune with the Objects of Kiwanis.

60 CPR Mannequins were provided by our club for the two high schools in Perth.

Park Benches have been built and supplied for the Perth Tay Basin project and other locations.

Collection Boxes at Independent Grocers checkouts collect contributions from shoppers, which we then top up to provide regular income for the Perth Food Bank.

Meals on Wheels has been a Kiwanis club activity since 1977. Several of our members deliver meals to seniors who cannot provide for their own nutritional needs. The meals are prepared by the kitchen staff at Lanark Lodge and delivered five days a week.

Volunteers from the club often pitch in to help with projects or provide financial assistance to the Salvation Army, Perth Food Bank, Perth library and other local organizations.

Mayor of Perth, John Fenik declares April 18, 2015 as Kiwanis Day

Kiwanis Perth - 40 years

When Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay turned 40, the mayor declared April 18, 2015 to be Kiwanis Day in Perth, Ontario. In the March 2015 declaration, Mayor John Fenik acknowledged Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay by saying "the energies of the Perth Club embraced many projects since 1975 and always had the object of benefiting the children of Perth Lanark County and the surrounding region."

See the mayor's official 4oth anniversary declaration on our awards page.